Getting ready to leave your current role

Getting ready to leave.

You have handed in your notice but it is as important to negotiate your termination from your present employer as well as you negotiated your next position with your new organisation. 

Here’s a handy checklist to keep you on the right track just remember whilst you want to receive everything that you are entitled to get.

Get written confirmation of your leaving date.

Have a clear, written understanding of what your former company will say about your termination with a written reference.

If you are not being terminated for cause, poor performance, or violation of company policy, then try to secure letters of recommendation from former supervisors as well as Human Resources.

Know if you can ask prospective employers to contact the company as references. If former bosses will say unflattering things about you, do your best to find this out in advance.

Get written confirmation of final salary payment date.

If you are eligible for a partial-year bonus or stock options, establish how and when payments will be made.

Get written confirmation of unused holiday this should be paid pro rata if I have used too many will I have to pay those back?

If you have a company car, BUPA, club memberships or other benefits when will these cease? Can you extend these from your own pocket?

Get a list of tasks from your immediate supervisor which he/she would like completed before you leave – if you finish them before your end date can you leave early?

If you are customer facing confirm what items of information you are entitled to retain, such as client and prospect lists.

Review any employment agreements to determine if you are bound by any “non-compete” clauses.

Update your LinkedIn profile and ensure your email address linked to your LI account is a personal one not a company one as you will not be able to access it once you have left.

And finally remember it’s always in your best interest to maintain positive relationships and not to burn bridges to future opportunities.