What coaching do we offer - how can we help you ?

What coaching do we offer – How can we help you?

Here and through our network we offer a range of coaching solutions to help you move forward.

We offer –

Effective two-way communication and dialogue

Observation of performance, followed by constructive feedback

An investment in your success

A focus on performance and achieving results

The courage to help you address difficult issues

The time to help you improve.

Our coaching sessions can be conducted by telephone, video call, or face-to- face. 

Sessions usually take place once a week, lasting for 45 minutes.

The number of sessions will depend on the individual and the situation. 

It usually takes a month to six weeks to start achieving the desired results, though the you will probably start to feel the benefits of the coaching approach straightaway.

We may involve you in assignments, which allow you to enhance your learning in some way. 

This may include drafting a reflective essay, keeping a diary, reading a book, completing some form of personal development, etc. 

We believe in unlocking a person’s potential to maximise his or her own performance. 

It is about helping you to learn, rather than teaching you.

What coaching do we offer ?

Career coaching.

Our career coach, works exclusively with individuals who are either considering or going through a career transition of some sort. This could include getting direction, identifying new career directions, improving performance to become more attractive for promotion opportunities, working through the special needs of a relocation or transfer, returning to the workforce after an extended leave, and so on. We have a range of assessment and profiling tools to help you move forward.

Workplace coaching.

Our workplace coaches work with individuals or teams to achieve very specific business outcomes. 

In most cases, the process begins with a thorough exploration of the scope of work, desired objectives, and potential strategies for achievement. 

Goals can be both organisational and individual (although these are often aligned) with the dominant focus on work-related issues.

Business and executive coaching and mentoring – 

Our executive coaches and mentors quickly form a one-to-one relationship with you, we will help move your career to the next level either within your current organisation or out in the wider world.

‘New Recruit’ coaching –

Our coaches provide new recruits to your organisation with career-enhancing guidance facilitating exposure and visibility, and offering challenging work or protection, all of which help new recruits often young graduates establish themselves in the organisation.

Life cycle coaching – 

Our life cycle coach, assists people going through major transitions in life, ranging from teenagers growing into young adults, university students entering the job market, new relationships, ending relationships (including divorce) and retirement. There are many changes that one might experience, and our coaches specialise in navigating those changes.

For further information on any of our coaching products please call Gary Simpson on 01283 713832 / 07968 732744 or email