News – Mastermind Alliances 3 – 10 Quick tips

Mastermind Alliances 3 – 10 Quick tips FACILITATORS – 10 QUICK TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR MASTERMIND GROUP RUNNING SMOOTHLY. It’s all about democracy Consider using the very first mastermind meeting to discuss all group rules and take a vote on them. Let your group make its own decisions about how the group is structured, the…

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News – Mastermind Alliances 2 Getting Started

Mastermind Alliances 2 Getting Started GETTING STARTED None of us is as smart as all of us.  Ken Blanchard Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress Working together is success Henry Ford When Napoleon Hill first interviewed Andrew Carnegie. He asked him the secret to his fortune. Carnegie quickly attributed his success to…

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News – Mastermind Alliances 1 What are they ?

News – Mastermind Alliances 1 What are they ? INTRODUCTION Success is something you attract by the person you become. Work hard on your job and you’ll earn a living. Work hard on yourself and you’ll earn a fortune – Jim Rohn. How do you achieve success in today’s chaotic world?  It often feels like…

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News – Leaders are Readers Part II

Leaders are Readers Part II When I tell people that I read at least book a week and usually two then they assume that I have taken a speed reading course and they ask me to recommend one – my answer is always the same Google Jim Kwik and start there. I’ve never bothered in…

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News – Dismissing A Counter Offer

Dismissing A Counter Offer As I type this we are probably heading full pelt into a global recession courtesy of Covid 19. But the wheels of industry will carry on turning and as we emerge candidates will find new jobs and those who are seen as valuable to their organisations at the time will be…

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