One of the key strengths of our recruitment consultancy is the enhancement of selection work through advertising. Experience gained from working within a major recruitment advertising agency means we can that ensure advertising reaches the right target audience with maximum impact in the most cost effective and timely manner. With a wide understanding and experience of human resource issues, we have the ability to help your business restructure and reorganise by working with you on multi-placement projects, as well handling individual and sensitive assignments.

A core principle is that we work in partnership with the client to customise the process completely to the task in hand. We are able to provide you with a full Search support, either as a stand alone exercise or as an adjunct to Selection. With the increasing emphasis on pan-European matrix structures in client organisations we have a wealth of experience in searching outside the United Kingdom to ensure that the shortlist is produced from the appropriate market.

With the growing recognition of the role which psychometric assessment plays in gathering objective information on individual performance and character, we have gained extensive expertise in the use of testing either as part of the recruitment process or as a management appraisal tool.

Based on the analysis of the position we advise on the most appropriate test from the wide range available and build these into the shortlist preparation through an individual or assessment centre format. Above all, advice is independent so that you can rely on the data produced as being valid and relevant to the vacant position, again to support a commitment to building a client relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Our company does not provide off-the-shelf solutions. Recruitment experience leads us to conclude that each assignment has its own particular features and requirements. In turn, clients respond positively to a service tailored to their individual needs. A service that is discreet, practical and time-saving and one that complements a professional approach with a rigorous process, starting with a full understanding of your business.

Recommendations will be based upon a realistic grasp of the task and the subtleties of the target recruitment market. Identifying the best approach to filling the position we will be committed to work to mutually agreed objectives and timescales. Detailed guidance on all aspects of the remuneration package based upon the comprehensive information - surveys, reports, advertising tracking maintained by Research associates: informal contact with a wide range of remuneration sources; and recent recruitment experience.